I have started to record videos singing various styles of songs from my own home, I do this because I love to sing, because it increases my repertoire and because it gives me a chance to show an audience what I can do.

I thought I would share the equipment I use for recording my songs.

I have a fairly new laptop, it’s a HP Pavillion, 8th Genreation i7 core with a GEFORCE graphics card.

I use the Blue Yeti Microphone which plugs in via USB, then I have Sony over ear headphones which plug into the Blue Yeti. The microphone comes with a stand, but I use a suspension boom scissor arm to hold it up when I am standing and I use a pop filter to help soften the harsh sounds.

The backing tracks then play in your headphones, as does the feed from the microphone so you can hear yourself and the track whilst the microphone only records you singing.

I record it using Adobe Audition, edit the track and then use the multitrack option on here to add the backing track and mix.

To record the video I have a Nikon D3300, the memory card inserts straight into my laptop and to edit the video and audio together I use Adobe Premiere Pro.

I also created my logo, which i now put at the start and end of my videos, and to create this I used Adobe Illustrator.

Remember tutorials are usually available on Youtube for any new equipment you may purchase.